Back to Nature: Cheetah

Cheetah - Namibia
via Flickr – Namibia, Simon Francis

In December, cheetahs came back into my life. Not in the literal sense, but they were brought back to my attention when I came across an event calendar promoting International Cheetah Day. While I am over a month late, this year I have my calendar marked for December 4th.

Cheetahs were one of my favorite animals growing up (and remain so today), I even wrote a report about them in middle school. They are the only wildcat able to purr and can reach running speeds up to 110 km/hr. Their habitat is the dry open spaces of Africa and Iran and the forests of India. Sadly only 10,000 remain today and they are extinct in over twenty countries.

More information can be found about cheetahs at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, an organization dedicated to protecting the wild cheetah. They perform research, habitat restoration, conflict resolution, education, and community collaboration. If you ever find yourself in Namibia, volunteer with them, or even join a local chapter based in the US.

Cheetah male
via Flickr – Kgalagadi, South Africa


Cheetah Bookends
via Flickr – Lewa, Central Kenya, David & Sheila Glatz


via Flickr – Krugar Park South Africa, Peter Warne


Learn more about conservation efforts in this Tedx Portland video:

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Flickr is an amazing treasure trove of photos! I am always amazed and pleased with how many talented photographers are out there.

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