Kayaking Among the Mangroves


The white heron elegantly swooped past on its way to a higher branch on the mangrove tree. Sounds of scuttling legs betrayed the bright red crabs climbing over spindly roots half submerged in water. In the dense mangrove forest, with the hum of insects as a back drop, we gently paddled our kayaks, hesitantly at first before becoming accustomed to the movement as we glided downstream.

Mangrove forest

Kayaking the Mangroves

Our guide explained that the mangroves are the most efficient producers of oxygen, better than even the rain forests of the Amazon. Because of that the mangroves are a protected habitat in Costa Rica, with laws to keep the trees from being chopped down for development.

Kayaking the Mangroves

As we paddled on I was astounded by the absolute quiet and stillness of the mangrove forest. There were no sounds of vehicles, voices, industrial machines, construction, or any other sound typical of human life. The only sounds were those of birds, crabs, and insects.

Dominical Surf Adventures kayaking trip

At one point the guide pulled from the water what looked to be a fig, but was actually the seed of a mangrove tree. The seeds are dropped to the water where they float until the seed pod opens up with a baby tree inside. The beginning of the mangroveโ€™s life is spent floating along the river, growing until the roots reach the muddy earth below and anchor in.

Dominical Surf Adventures van

After kayaking, we were given a little time to explore nearby Playa Barรบ, a stunning expanse of yellow sand beach edged by almond and coconut trees. There we stayed to watch the sun make its decent down, the only people on the beach for miles.

Playa Baru

Playa Baru

2 thoughts on “Kayaking Among the Mangroves

  1. Wonderful description of kayaking in the Mangrove trees. I didn’t get to go when we were there, so the photos and the writing made me feel like I had been there. You are a fabulous writer and easy to read.

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