Two Weeks in Dominical

Two Weeks in Dominical

For two weeks we called Dominical home. A rustic surfer town south of popular Jaco and our last destination, Manuel Antonio. Ten years ago the town was just a speck on the map with a few houses and businesses made up of locals and determined surfers from around the world. Over the years the location has become better known amongst travelers from the US and Canada, growing into a popular surfer town that is now a one-lane dusty road with various restaurants, souvenir stores, and surf rental shops. A mix of locally and expat owned businesses give an interesting flair, for a distinctly Costa Rican culture with hints of US vibes.

Main Street
Costa Rican surfer

Compared to the beaches of Manuel Antonio, Dominical’s is a little underwhelming. The beach is rocky and the waves are constant with a strong riptide, better for surfers. But the coconut and almond trees provide a well shaded area out of the hot.

Path to the beach
Playa Dominical
Shaded from the heat under an almond tree

We rented a bungalow from Posada del Sol, a locally owned hotel. With half of the bungalow open to the outside and nothing but a screen to shield against the elements, a subtle boundary between inside and out contributed to a feeling of living closely with nature. Birds made nests in lamps shades, lizards scurried across the ceiling, and a multitude of bugs called the indoors home.

Posada del Sol
Our bungalow at Posada del Sol
Posada del Sol
Outdoor shower
Posado del Sol
Bird’s nest in the lamp shade

Among the restaurants two became our stand-out favorites: Mono Congo and Arena y Sol. Mono Congo is an expat owned cafe that serves coffee drinks, smoothies, breakfast, and lunch. Besides the great coffee, my favorite menu item was the passion fruit chocolate tart, a delicious dairy and wheat free concoction of smooth dark chocolate in a sesame seed crust. Arena y Sol was our go to spot for lunch, where we enjoyed their $6 wrap and smoothie special.,zoompan,zoomwheel,geocoder,share.html?access_token=pk.eyJ1Ijoic2hhbm5vbm9udGhlcm9hZCIsImEiOiJkODY4MGU1ZmM4MmNkOTQ0YjRjOGFiNDI2ZGE4OGNhMyJ9.sUOvnFlh4ojsTQmFi8TcIA

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