Crossing the Border into Nicaragua

This is a continuation of the series reporting from our Panamerican roadtrip on what to expect when crossing the border by vehicle in Mexico and Central America. 

Part 2: Exiting Honduras and Entering Nicaragua (read Part 1 here)

The pot hole marked highway of Honduras continued into Nicaragua for a bit, before transitioning into freshly paved road. Of course this also ended up being the day that we broke our rule and drove at night. Going about 20mph we followed a long line of semi-trucks who helped to light our way in the pitch black as we followed their maneuvers to crisscross the highway to avoid the pot holes.

Entry Point: Guasaule Border/Somotillo, Nicaragua


  • Passport
  • Drivers License (DL)
  • Vehicle Title


  • $12 for visa
  • $3 for fumigation
  • $12 for vehicle insurance

Leaving Honduras:

  • Before reaching the border you will reach a small shack to the left where you present your vehicle permit to the guard.
  • Then continue driving, staying to the left, and park in front of the large white building.
  • First go to the far left of the building, enter inside and go to the migracion window. There the official will give you a tourist card to complete and stamp your passport.
  • Next go to the far right of the building, enter the door and stand in the land for the “Transito” window. The official will collect your passport and vehicle permit. The official will return your passport with a stamp canceling the vehicle permit.

Entering Nicaragua:

  • When entering the border stay to the right. Go to the fumigation area and get fumigated. Next go to the window to pay the fumigation fee and receive a receipt.
  • At the fumigation area there will be a woman walking around with a clipboard. From her purchase insurance (seguros). She will need vehicle title, driver’s passport and license.
  • Continue driving, making a left, then park either in front of the long building or to the left of it. Walk to the far left of the building and enter. You will see a Banjercito sign. Go to the round window with official inside. Present passports, pay tourist card fee, and receive a receipt. You will also receive a tourist declaration card to complete.
  • Then go to the far right of the building to where a sign over a window says “Ventanilla Tourismo.” Present to the official your title, driver’s passport and DL and tourist card. The official will issue a vehicle permit.
  • Go to your car, drive just past the building to the right of immigration where an official will ask for the vehicle permit, tourist card receipt, fumigation receipt, insurance, vehicle registration, and tourist card. Then official will check inside the vehicle before returning the documents.,zoompan,zoomwheel,geocoder,share.html?access_token=pk.eyJ1Ijoic2hhbm5vbm9udGhlcm9hZCIsImEiOiJkODY4MGU1ZmM4MmNkOTQ0YjRjOGFiNDI2ZGE4OGNhMyJ9.sUOvnFlh4ojsTQmFi8TcIA

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