The Truth About Traveling in Mexico

Is it safe to travel to Mexico

When most people think of Mexico they think of drug cartels, poverty, and murder. So when we started telling people about our upcoming road trip through Mexico, half cheered us on, while half emphatically said the trip would be dangerous and a bad idea.

I get where they were coming from, I read the news too. Weeks before our departure date I pored over the news and looked up travel warnings on the US Department of State website. That is where I read about kidnappings of tourists, road blockades, murders, and robbery. In some respect, the statistics are to warn travelers, but in my opinion, also purely to scare.

The same warnings could be said for traveling to the US. There is plenty of crime, I can imagine some travel bureau in another country issuing a high level warning for travel to the US: “watch out they have school shootouts, bombings, murders, gun violence and acts of terrorism.” If you think about it, the US can be feared just as well.

Overall, travel is about breaking barriers and going towards the unknown. I think the world is a less scary place than the media usually makes it out to be. Countries and their people should not be defined by the single events that are reported in the news. There are a multitude of landscapes, people, and cities to explore if you do not hold yourself back by fear. Only when we truly see each other can we work towards a better understanding, that we are all just people on this earth looking to make a good life for ourselves and families.

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  1. From Europe we don’t see it as such a dangerous travel destination. I mean, we’ve heard some news on the drug cartels, but only as a marginal topic. A friend of mine is doing an exchange year there, another one is leaving next week for vacation. As for myself, I haven’t been there yet, but when I think of Mexico I first think of the ancient cultures that existed there long before the Spanish arrived. Tenochtitlan is on top of my must see list. 🙂

    1. Thanks for those words Dorothea! I feel the same with you about Mexico, the first thing I think of are the ancient pyramids rising from the jungles and valleys, while the second thing I think of is tacos! Hope you fulfill your top must see list, make sure to check out Templo Mayor, an excavation site of Tenochtitlan!

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