Alamos: Cobblestone Streets & Tacos

Alamos Mexico
Iglesia Parroquía de Nuestra Señora de la Purisima Concepcion

For our first night in Mexico we stopped in Alamos, a colonial town tucked away in the hillside of the Sierra Madre Occidental in the state of Sonora. The town is popular with artists and expats, many of whom have rebuilt crumbling architectural relics of the town’s colonial past. Originally home to the Yaqui, the Spanish established the city in the 1700s to secure access to the nearby silver mines, playing a part in the growth of the town as prospecting minors arrived. The Yaqui remained in opposition to the Spanish up until 1928, frequently making maneuvers to win back their land.

Driving as fast as possible on a pot-holed dirt road to avoid dark, we arrived at the cobblestone streets of Alamos just as the sun set. The historic town appeared to not have changed since the 18th century, that is except for the stores selling modern items and cars parked everywhere.

Off Plaza Alameda, the town square, we found La Posada de Don Andrés, a hotel hidden behind wrought iron gates, with a courtyard covered in hanging plants. The town square was on the smaller side with benches around the perimeter, occupied by teen boys on their cell phone and elderly gentlemen relaxing. Cars cruised the square and families walked hand in hand, enjoying the cool night air. There were not many restaurant options, only two taco stands and a few mini mart type places. One of the taco stands offered the largest array of sauces and toppings ever, so of course we ate dinner there.

The next morning we explored the small town, charmed by the architecture. Down a small street only accessible by foot we found Plaza Alamos, a second town square where the Catholic cathedral, Iglesia Parroquía de Nuestra Señora de la Purisima Concepcion, is situated. The town is a maze of cobblestone streets packed with colonial buildings, you could spend all day poking around.

Alamos Mexico La Posada de Don Andrés
Courtyard of La Posada de Don Andrés
Town sqaure Alamos Mexio
Town Square

Alamos Mexico

Alamos Mexico

Alamos Mexico

Alamos Mexico

Alamos Mexico

Alamos Mexico

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