DIY Creative Space

DIY small home

After a fun day spent tubing on the Russian River at Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville, we decided to take a tour through the area. Driving across undulating hills covered with vineyards, old oak trees, and green fields we found ourselves in Sebastopol. We then made a pit stop where we had the luck to spot a tiny home just beyond a fence in a neighboring parking lot.

So we drove over to investigate this tiny home and who could be making it. There we found Chimera, a nonprofit DIY creative space that provides equipment and classes for all manner of projects. A community space for thinkers, makers, creatives, and inventors. What could be cooler than a space that has the tools necessary to make a tiny home!

Chimera Makers Space


We met the founder Dana who gave us a quick tour of the grounds. According to Dana there are few of these maker/creative spaces in San Francisco, but this is the first one in the North Bay. His enthusiasm for the space was apparent and we were happy that he had a moment to step away from his project to give us the low down.

fence art

Here in Santa Cruz we have the Hub for Sustainable Living which includes The Bike Church and The Fabrica. The Bike Church is a community cooperative that provides all the equipment and tools needed to repair bikes while The Fabrica provides salvaged textiles, equipment, and classes for various textile arts. However, we do not have a makers space. Time to ramp up Santa Cruz!


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