Surreal United States

I’ll admit it, I found this Buzzfeed article through Pinterest. That site is completely addicting. However, that addiction did allow me to stumble upon this amazing find.

The article introduces the reader to 29 surreal places to visit in the US. I have never been one to dream of traveling around the US, but this article inspired a 180 on my thinking.

Behold two entirely enchanting places of the US:

Mendenhall Glacier Caves in Alaska

AER Wilmington DE / Flickr via Buzzfeed

Oneonta Canyon in Oregon

zschnepf / via Buzzfeed

Both of these places speak to the diversity and beauty of the landscapes of the United States. One part of the country offers sheer ice and translucent hues while the other offers moss-covered cliffs and filtered sunlight. These landscapes beg to be visited and admired. The colors, textures, sounds, smells call out through the photos, whispers of hushed natural poetry. To see the United States, to see the landscapes….

Maybe you will also find the inspiration to travel around the US.

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