Chocolate to save wildlife

Ring Tailed Lemur via Lemur Conservation Foundation
Ring Tailed Lemur via Lemur Conservation Foundation

I am in awe of wildlife, who isn’t. Yet, I think us creatures of the urban environment can easily forget wildlife. Except for of course our pets, pigeons, raccoons, and other urban dwellers that have adapted to city life.

When wildlife is out of sight it is out of mind.

But not with Endangered Species Chocolate. While meandering down the chocolate bar aisle, which I am wont to do when grocery shopping, I spotted this chocolate. With many different flavors to delight a chocolate fiend, I picked up the dark chocolate with cocoa nibs showcasing the bat.

The bat has always been one of my favorite animals so I was saddened to learn they are endangered. At least the purchase I made would go towards supporting efforts to protect the bat. I was curious to learn more so I visited their website. That is how I found they also have a bar featuring the ring tailed lemur, my absolute favorite animal. Their blog, Involved, had an interesting post on lemurs where I learned that lemur moms and babies sleep together in groups with their faces positioned inwards and their tails intertwining across their backs creating a “lemur ball”. What a sight that must be to behold!

I bring this up because I have been thinking about lemurs a lot lately. There are several organizations I discovered that study and protect lemur habitat. My goal one day is to do some work for them. Possibly field work observing the lemurs, but in particular I would love the opportunity to perform community development work in Madagascar. Lemurs are endemic to Madagascar (or Malagasy) and 91% of the populations are endangered due to slash and burn style agriculture practice.

Sadly there are many modern techniques that could be utilized in the place of slash and burn. However, the island nation which is located off the east coast of Africa recently experienced a governmental coup. From what I have gathered so far many humanitarian and US aid organizations are suspending their work there due to potential unsafe conditions. I intend to continue monitoring the situation to learn more.

My hat is off to those organizations that work tirelessly to protect those that do not have a voice, whether human, animal, insect, or plant.

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