Blog Spotlight with Daniel and Kelly Travel

Today I bring you the second installment of the Travel Blog Spotlight with Daniel and Kelly of the blog, Daniel and Kelly Travel. Follow them on their adventures on a round the world trip. Right now you can catch their posts as they travel through Western Europe sharing their love of food and adventure.


Daniel and Kelly Travel
Barcelona, Spain via Daniel and Kelly Travel

What first sparked your interested in traveling?

What sparked my interest in traveling was the idea of the new and unknown. Stepping foot in places and experiencing things that I could never experience in my own country. Also, the idea of meeting new people with new ideas and ways of doing things made me really interested in travel too.

First place ever traveled?

The first place I ever traveled (overseas) to was Cambodia and Thailand and for Daniel it was Japan on a study trip with his highschool. Our first trip together was to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Daniel and Kelly Travel
Nice, France via Daniel and Kelly Travel

Have you experienced any long term travel? If so, what helped you make that possible (ie study abroad, volunteering, job, etc)?

We are currently on a one year around the world trip which I guess could be considered long term travel but not really in the sense of studying abroad or volunteering unfortunately because we really would love to do that. We are working for 3-4 months out of the year which is very helpful but other than that it was just a lot, a lot of saving and working very hard before we left on our trip!

Any tried and true tips for saving money while traveling?

I know it was mentioned in your previous interview but cooking and preparing your own food is an amazing way to save money. We have saved so much money from preparing our own food and cooking in the hostel. The amount of people who we speak to while we travel to who have never even been inside a supermarket overseas never realise how easy it is to save money while traveling! Also mentioned was couchsurfing which not only saves you money but gives you an awesome experience. If you can and want to be really tight with money…wash your own clothes! If you do it every couple of days in the sink so the clothes don’t pile up too much it is a good way to save money because while you are on the road every bit of saving helps!

Daniel and Kelly Travel
Istanbul, Turkey via Daniel and Kelly Travel

Top 3 favorite places you have traveled and why?

This is such a hard question because I have loved everywhere we have been and it’s so hard to pick just three!

Cambodia – It was the first country I went to and I instantly fell in love with it. When I went back for a second time with Daniel it was equally amazing and such a fantastic place. I love how friendly and beautiful all the locals are. Even though they have next to nothing they are always so willing to smile and try to give you everything they can. I especially loved Siem Reap for its charm and beauty and of course, Angkor Wat is very close by!

Turkey – Turkey as a whole country was just amazing. We arrived in Istanbul and we were completely in love and every destination we went to was completely different from the last and as equally wonderful.

Vietnam – Vietnam was scary, wonderful, exciting and vibrant all at the same time. We love Asian countries so much and Vietnam was just a crazy amazing place for the both of us. I think it is also one of my favourite places because it was one of the first countries Daniel and I visited together and it made us realise that traveling would always be a part of our lives in some form because it is just too much fun to give up.

What is on your dream travel list?

So many places are on my dream travel list! I would really love to travel around South America and I would also love to go to Tibet, Myanmar, Nepal and there are just too many more! I definitely want to spend so much more time throughout Asia because it is such a unique and diverse area of the world…and it’s cheap so it makes it very handy!

Daniel and Kelly Travel
Halong Bay, Vietnam via Daniel and Kelly Travel

Any travel plans for this year?

We are currently traveling through Western Europe, seeing all the big “Must Sees” before we head off to Canada for the ski season to work at a ski resort. We have a month in November where we aren’t really sure what we are doing but it will most likely either be a road trip through parts of the UK or of the US…still unsure and money permitting of course!

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Learning. I think at the end of the day most things whether it’s culture, people, friends, ourselves it all comes down to learning. I feel like on this trip we are on at the moment I have learnt so much about the world and how it works and, not even just that, I have learnt so much about me and heaps about Daniel and this is what makes it so great. You are constantly evolving and learning about every single aspect of your life and the place you are in and that’s awesome!

Thank you so much for joining us Daniel and Kelly!

Check out their blog, Daniel and Kelly Travel, here.

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