Travel Art

It has always been very meaningful to me to surround my home with memories. On my walls are many framed photos of trips taken and framed collages containing travel memorabilia. I thought it would be a fun thing to check out what can be found over on Etsy. The following items are on my list of must haves. Perfect for decorating the home and keeping your travels always on your mind.

World Map – artPause via Etsy

artPause – This Etsy shop offers many different forms of the world map such as the countries made up of butterflies or cats. They also have maps made by water color and singular country maps.

Vintage Map – DreamDigitalDownload via Etsy

DreamDigitalDownload – This shop offers more styles of the heart shaped maps plus other items like digital downloads and art prints.

Vintage Map – Printpressfmt via Etsy

Flee Market Trixie – This shop has more vintage maps with quotes printed on them plus other typography prints and art printed onto dictionary pages.

California Typographic Map – UrbanFootprintDesign via Etsy

Urban Footprint Design – This shop is full of typographical map prints including one for every US state and many countries.

Lets get some art!

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