Blog Spotlight with My Friend From Zurich

Hello everyone, I would like to present a new monthly series, Blog Spotlight, which will feature an interview with a fellow travel blogger. Travel blogs are a source of such amazing inspiration and information. I thought it would be a great thing to share what is going on with our fellow travelers and to get another perspective on travel.

Without further ado, the very first spotlight is with Manuela from My Friend From Zurich. Her blog is a great resource for travel in Zurich. She shares the insider information on Zurich and gives a more in depth look into the city.

My Friend From Zurich
My Friend From Zurich

What first sparked your interested in traveling?

I’ve always been curious in meeting people and getting to know new places. I didn’t want to hear about foreign countries, I wanted to go and see for myself.

First place ever traveled?

As a child, I spent all my holidays in Italy, the home of my father. My first trip on my own took me to Scandinavia. I went backpacking with two friends at the age of 16.

Have you experienced any long term travel? If so, what helped you make that possible (ie study abroad, volunteering, job, etc)?

Thanks to Erasmus, the European Exchange Program at universities, I could stay for 7 months at Uppsala university in Sweden. I also did some short term volunteering, I worked two weeks in a children camp in Slovakia.

Any tried and true tips for saving money while traveling?

Cook at home or at your hostel if you can, try couchsurfing.

Top 3 favorite places you have traveled and why?

Panama (the whole country): because it has it all – beautiful lonely beaches, green mountains and friendly people. Plus it’s not overcrowded and too touristy yet.

Ubud, Bali: It’s such a beautiful, laid back town with a positive vibe.

Big Island, Hawaii: The nature is just overwhelming! Watching Kilauea erupting was my favorite experience.

My Friend From Zurich Panama
Image Courtesy of My Friend From Zurich – Panama
My Friend From Zurich Ubud
Image Courtesy of My Friend From Zurch – Ubud, Bali
My Friend From Zurich Hawaii
Image Courtesy of My Friend From Zurich – Hawaii

What is on your dream travel list?

Vietnam, Argentina and a road trip on the American west coast.

Any travel plans for this year?

I’ll visit a friend in London in September and then I want to escape the rainy autumn in Switzerland, don’t know where it takes me though.

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Experiencing different cultures, making new friends, learning new things, also about yourself.

Thank you Manuela for joining us!

Check out My Friend From Zurich here.

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