Napa Wine Tasting

Domaine Carneros

The other weekend I took a wine tasting trip up to Napa with a group of friends and a limo. Renting the limo turned out to be a great choice and made the trip fully enjoyable. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but I did get a few snaps in with my iPhone.

Domaine Carneros

We only made it to two places, but the first was Domaine Casneros. The château styled winery sat atop a hill surrounded by vineyards. It was quite stunning and the sparkling wine sampler was perfect.

Alpha Omega

The second and last stop was at Alpha Omega. This was my favorite for many reasons. The surrounding scenery of the mountains and vineyards was beautiful. There were also comfy lounge chairs positioned perfect for a group and of course the wine was delicious.

Alpha Omega

The Proprietary Red was probably the best wine I have ever tasted and next time I have some money to burn I will definitely pick up one of the $90 bottles.

Alpha Omega

Overall it was a lovely trip and we ended the day with dinner at Mandalay in San Francisco. It is a Burmese and Mandarin cuisine restaurant and as you can see I had the pumpkin squash curry. It is hard for me to resist a good pumpkin curry!


If you every make a trip to Napa Valley for wine tasting I would definitely recommend the two places I visited. Have a great weekend!

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