I went to Pescadero on a taco recommendation. It ended up being one of the most charming towns tucked away in a valley about a mile from the ocean. I didn’t expect to have such a wonderful time and spend the whole day there.


My original plan was to stop for the taco and head back home. Instead, for the rest of the day I explored the town, checked out the shops, biked and ate. The town is very small and contains one short main street.

The town was founded in the 1880s and has several of the old buildings still intact. There is the well known restaurant, Duartes, which has been open since 1894 and serves the most amazing artichoke soup. I had dinner there and the soup was delicious as well as the tuna sandwich I ordered.


There were antique stores and local craftsman stores selling handmade furniture and other items. The town gave off a very down to earth and friendly vibe.

In the afternoon the main street was bustling with tourist, but there was still a calmness about the place. There was nature everywhere and the views were amazing. Taking a bike ride around to explore was great fun.


This town was a pleasant surprise and I am extremely happy that I had the chance to check it out.


Next stop, Harley Farms!

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