Memories – New Orleans

New Orleans

Welcome to the Big Easy. Before I ever set foot in New Orleans I was dreaming of strolling the streets in the warm and sultry evenings while stopping at local coffee houses to enjoy an espresso and sugary beignet.

New Orleans

Life here moves at a slower place and everyone seemed to be savoring every moment. The city pulsed with a gentle and relaxed energy.

New Orleans

The French Quarter is full of history and beautiful architecture. The houses have wrap around balconies with intricate iron railings and are overflowing with flowers. The streets are narrow and lined with shops and restaurants.

New Orleans

The trolley car will take you from the French Quarter to the Garden District where you can meander down Magazine St. The tree lined street is covered with beads from past Mardi Gras parades.

New Orleans

New Orleans

You cannot go to New Orleans without checking out the Bayou. It is a majestic place full of greenery and harsh sunlight. While there I took a boat tour and watched the alligators swim just feet away and devour their favorite treat of marshmallows.

Alligators of the Bayou

The city is full of music spots playing jazz, big brass bands, and blues. While there I checked out a jazz lounge and a brass band concert.

New Orleans Brass band

Overall one of my favorite parts of the city was all the history. The beautiful parts that endure and tell a story of the past.

New Orleans
New Orleans

You were very charming, New Orleans. Hope to see you again.

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