Do we close our mind to travel?


After writing this post about Amsterdam I did a bit of thinking about how we close our mind to travel. Maybe it is a place that you have previously dismissed, or maybe you have a preconceived idea that is keeping you from going.  Or possibly you are closing your mind to a place because you can’t imagine yourself living there. I do the same thing myself.

This thought was also brought to my attention when someone mentioned he did not care to travel to a certain country because he thought the landscape would be bland and the weather awful. I bring this up only to start a conversation and to bring the thought process to the fore front. Where did his information come from? What has he seen or been told in the past that drove him to this conclusion?

Yet, in the past I have said similar things.  Sometimes there is still a struggle within me to judge a place that I have not yet been to. I am not saying that you should force yourself to travel to a place you have no interest in, but instead to be open. It is interesting to me that we think like this and prejudge.

From my own experience of judging and being completely wrong, I am learning to give travel to unknown places a chance and to keep an open mind. Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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