International House Hotel

I love hotels, what can I say. Boutique hotels are my weakness. My admiration stems from a young age when my mom would take my sister and I over to the local Embassy Suites to admire the indoor tropical garden and to ride in the glass elevators. Then during my last semester of college I finally got to experience behind the scenes of a boutique hotel as an employee. Besides the long hours and unflattering uniform, I was still able to get wrapped up in the glamour and excitement of the environment.

My love still lasts to this day and one of my little secret pleasures is checking into a new hotel room. The hotel does not need to be swanky or expensive for me to like. I am just looking for a unique experience and some charm. Which brings me to my hotel stay last year at the International House Hotel in New Orleans.

International House Hotel {Image}

The hotel was very charming and stylish with a front lobby full of deep reds and clean white space. The bonus of the hotel is the very beautiful and historic building that it is located within.

International House Hotel {Image}

According to the hotel website it started as a bank in 1906, 40 years later became a World Trade Center and then another 50 years later it was created into a hotel. Local artisans were sourced to update the interior into the stylish setting you see today.

Loa Bar {Image}

There is a bar and a Spanish influenced restaurant on site which serves excellent menu items. The double bed room I stayed in was just as stylish as the lobby and offered large windows and comfy beds. The hotel had everything I look for. Style, class, good food, good bed and good prices.

International House Hotel {Image}

If you find yourself in New Orleans, maybe check out the International.

Happy traveling!

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