Memories – Amsterdam


Have you ever traveled to a place that was not necessarily on your list, but an opportunity came up so you decided to take it? That is exactly what happened when I traveled to Amsterdam. The city was not on my list and I had some misconceptions about the city. From everything I had heard, it seemed like the place would be full of young tourists just looking for the thrill of smoking pot. It did not seem like a place that would have a lot of culture. But all of my misconceptions were laid to rest. Amsterdam
Instead I was pleasantly surprised. Amsterdam was beautiful and full of culture, architecture and history. The row houses along the canals were beautiful and there were many good restaurants and shops.

While there, the annual museum night, which happens the first Friday of November, was going on. You purchase a single ticket which gives access to all the museums in the city from 7pm to 2am. There are more than 40 museums including the Rijksmuseum which has a large collection of Rembrandt. The night was a lot of fun and there were many people out, including lots of locals, checking out the different museums.

Another really amazing experience was taking a guided bike ride around Amsterdam that ended in the Red Light District. Bike rides are always the best way to see a city.  Amsterdam is definitely a bicyclist heaven with all the bikes everywhere including their own bike lanes. It was a pretty amazing sight to see everyone commuting by bike.

One of these days I will go back and visit Amsterdam again as well as visit the country side when the tulips are in bloom.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and go travel!

7 thoughts on “Memories – Amsterdam

  1. I love Amsterdam – having spent 5 days for a conference last year and visited many years ago as a plain old tourist. If you can get past the red light district and the coffee shops it is sophisticated and charming. Even the food is good! It can be easily combined with a visit to southern Germany, or as I did last year, a great little trip combined with Bruges and Paris

    • They did have some pretty good food! I still remember the amazing pancakes and fries as well as the large selection of open faced sandwiches (not sure what they are called). Thank you for the recommendations on some combo travel!

  2. Wonderful post on Amsterdam. I really enjoyed your photos, too! 🙂
    My favorite site when I was there was the Rijksmuseum!

    So nice to meet you through BYW 2.0!
    All the best,

    • Glad you enjoyed! I am very happy to meet you as well 🙂 I’m looking forward to the journey with BYO 2.0. I am very interested in the work you do with maps and geography and look forward to checking it all out. My bedroom has a few map collages and I appreciate the artwork you are creating.

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