Paris Bike Tour

Notre Dame Paris

The next time you are in Paris I highly recommend taking a bike tour. I love this option when traveling because it is a fun way to discover a city.

Seine Paris

Last time I was in Paris we booked a bike tour with Bike About Tours. We picked the Parisian Day Bike tour which took us through the back streets and allowed us to discover behind the scenes of Paris. We met at the Notre Dame Cathedral and biked around the Latin Quarter, the Seine, the grounds of the Louvre, and a lot more really fun places. The tour was so much fun and the guide was very friendly and knowledgable. This tour gave me the experience I was looking for, which was to see more of the back streets and get a more personal feel for Paris.



The pricing is very affordable and well worth it. They also offer other tour options. Take the opportunity to see the city you visit through a new perspective.

Eiffel Tower Paris

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