Travel Plans – Portland

Recently I had the pleasure of reading a Sunset magazine from 2004 (my favorite magazine ever!). There was an article about the Pearl neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.  While it has been 8 years since it was published, I am assuming that the neighborhood is still pretty much the same now. I have been wanting to visit Portland for the past several years, but reading that article made me stop in my tracks.

Downtown Portland

Why have I taken so long to get this trip together? This is my number one travel plan for this year. I have been asking everyone I know about Oregon to try to find out what tidbits I can.

Japanese Garden Portland

Has anyone else ever heard about a place that you had never been to and realized that you had to be there, had to experience for yourself?

Portland Oregon

Check out this fun article from the Budget Travel website for further reading on Portland. It gives a great description of the city.

Hopefully October will see me enjoying a week in Oregon!

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