What sparked your wanderlust?

Edinburgh, Scotland

My first introduction to the world outside of the US started with my favorite book when I was a kid, Catherine Called Birdy. It was set in medieval times and really got my imagination going. I read the book so many times I practically had it memorized. It made me dream of far away places and whole new worlds. Fast forward to high school and I devoured period piece novels and dreamed of Paris, a place I had never even seen. The idea of Paris was really very vague and I had no concrete knowledge of what Paris was like, but I knew I had to go there.

Then while in college I made the decision to study abroad. I chose to go to Scotland and spent about five months living in Edinburgh and traveling on the weekends.  I finally made it to Paris which I will share in another post. Ever since my time in Edinburgh all I can think about is traveling and where I want to go next. The people who I met and the experiences I had will stay with me always. There is something about traveling that always leaves you wanting more. You open your mind to a whole world outside of your own limited view and experience. I believe that travel is one of the most wonderful things that you can do. Whether you travel across the ocean, across the county, or just an hour away from home, there are so many exciting and eye opening experiences to be had.

What sparked your wanderlust?

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