Spending Intentions


One of the first steps that I took to get onto the road towards being debt free is analyzing how I spent money. Before I put myself on a budget I would spend my money whenever and however I liked. If I was at a store and saw a shirt I liked, I would buy it. I would put no thought into my purchase except that I wanted it and wanted it now. When you shop like that it takes you down a potentially dangerous path. You are not purchasing with intention, instead you’re purchasing as a thoughtless action.  That is what lead me to debt. And when you are in debt you cannot do freely what your inner self wants to do and it makes it all the more harder to follow your dreams.


So I would say that you take a step back and look deeper into how you are spending money. Once you start spending with intention you start making better choices and stop yourself from spending needlessly. Think of all the great travel spots you could go to if you stopped buying those material things that you do not necessarily need. This may seem like a no brainer, but it took me years to figure out and finally put into action.


Now my spending intentions are to purchase only what are absolutely needed and what I will really use. I do not deprive myself or go without, but I am making smarter choices about what I spend my money on.


My intentions are to see the big picture and to always take my future goals into account when I am in the moment and want to spend money. Since I want to travel why would I want to spend money on a new couch or some new knick knacks when I could be spending that money on an amazing meal in France or a zip line course in Costa Rica.

What are your spending intentions?

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