Tastes of California

Native Foods Workshop Last week I had the pleasure of attending a native foods workshop hosted by the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History. On a gray and drizzly morning we learned about the acorn, Brome seed, soap root, and manzanita berry. As a State Park Ranger regaled us with culinary stories and demonstrations on... Continue Reading →

Harvesting the California Landscape

One striking detail I’ve noticed in my initial research is the Ohlone and other societies of California were not just foragers, they were harvesters of the landscape. Burning brush, sowing seeds, pruning plants. All deliberate actions taken to encourage the landscape to produce the most nutritious and desirable foods. In this way they were practicing... Continue Reading →

California oaks and the acorn

Oak trees can be found across the world, flourishing in nooks and crannies of almost every continent. The oak genus Quercus, contains some 600 species of oak trees that are each unique to the location and landscape with which they live. In the Santa Clara Valley, four such oaks can be found: Valley Oak, Coast... Continue Reading →

Boquete, Panama Won My Heart

In many ways Boquete, Panama won my heart: from the stunning landscape of the highland forest; to the cool breezes arising from multiple creeks crisscrossing town; to the veritable feast of delicious and affordable food offered by home-based restaurants. We planned to visit Panama as a way to renew our Costa Rican Visa for both... Continue Reading →

Moments Around Costa Rica

Moments from around Costa Rica taken on my iphone. Last year we lived in the region of the Southern Pacific Coast. A few weeks were spent in Dominical, a popular surf town, and the remainder of the six months in a small town called Tres Rios de Coronado. The town doesn't exist on most maps,... Continue Reading →

Flower Love

Clover flower via Flickr   Every particle in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole. - Ralph Waldo Emerson   Spider White, South African hybrid daisy via Flickr Spiraea henryi, deciduous shrub from Asia via Flickr Davis Milkweed, habitat... Continue Reading →

Back to Nature: Cheetah

In December, cheetahs came back into my life. Not in the literal sense, but they were brought back to my attention when I came across an event calendar promoting International Cheetah Day. While I am over a month late, this year I have my calendar marked for December 4th. Cheetahs were one of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Barron Park: Learning About Trees

This past weekend I joined a tree walk in the Barron Park Neighborhood of Palo Alto. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to take photos of nature and learn something new, I made this my Saturday activity. The tree walk was well attended, led by a knowledgable local arborist who took us to twenty-two... Continue Reading →

2015 in Review

The year 2015 was full of travel, change, and growth, but I should also add - full of anxiety and uncertainty. Even though I finally pursued my dream of travel by taking a road trip down to Costa Rica and allowed myself to open to creativity along the way, I continued to face fears and... Continue Reading →

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